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as a web portal was founded in France-Nice, on January 13, 2021. Founders and owners of the web portal are: – Long-time journalist Suleiman Muhajer – Mike. – Web designer and technical editor Ferdi Osmani.

EU Romapress (ERP) is a multinational website working on commitment, objectivity and quality in reporting.

ERP monitors and investigates the most relevant events and developments in various spheres: politics, economy, culture, technology, science and sports. Our team of volunteer journalists-analysts offers you quick access to the latest news from the world, columns and analyzes from the Balkan region, Europe and the whole world, interviews and documentaries with Roma content.

In addition to the information content, ERP had online shows, music and sports shows at the very beginning. In June 2022.

It ranked third in terms of viewership among Roma Web portals, with an average of 8,000 viewers per day, up 45% from the previous year, in almost all countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America. , Australia and even in the countries of the Middle East.

And we don’t stop here, but we move forward with new technologies in order to provide you with faster access and an easy way to our news.

With a commitment to objectivity and quality, we follow and investigate the most relevant events and developments in various spheres.

From politics, economics and culture, to technology, science and sports, our team of journalists and analysts brings you the most relevant and informative content.

Founders - EU Romapress

SULEIMAN Muhajer - Mike

Chief Editor



Web Designer and Technical Manager




Grattan Puckson


Petar Tzarkov


Emilia Dancheva


Ognyan Isaev


Valery Lekov


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