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O Šarlot Nikolas thindalela (izvinnelape) prekalo socialno networck baši o flaeri so ingrela antiromani agenda,thaj sine liferujmi ko dizutne. Dendo džovapi bašiakava ov vakergja so na sinelen nisavi loš ki kampanja te anen bilo savo akti kova dela definicia baši invazija jali atako ko phirutne.

„Šaj haljovava o o reakcia taro akava flaeri ko konteks taro drakonska napia (merke) ki policia, kriminaliteti, tribunali kova so analela o krisi so ingarelape baši o Gipsi,Roma thjaj o piravde“m vakerela o Nikolas.

O direktori baši manušikane hakaja „Tromalipe“ Grejsi Bredli vakerela so o legaribe taro krisi ka rezultirinel ko jekhina prekal o Roma thaj phirutne prrkl so ka ovel bari policiakoro lejbe than ko legaribe e kriminalizaciakoro prestapluko.


Charlotte Nichols has apologised on social media for the “hurt caused” by a Labour campaign leaflet, which the MP was pictured delivering, that told residents the party is “dealing with Traveller incursions”.

Responding to reactions to the campaign literature today, the shadow women and equalities minister said she had not been aware of the “problematic” definition of the term ‘incursion’, which means a sudden invasion or attack.

“I can understand concerns raised about the language in a recent leaflet, particularly in the context of the draconian measures in the police, crime, courts and sentencing bill, which pertain to Gypsy, Roma, Traveller people,” Nichols said.

The bill recently passed it second reading and follows the Tory manifesto pledge to “tackle unauthorised traveller camps”, creating an offence of “residing on land without consent in or with a vehicle” and gives the police seizure and forfeiture powers.

Human right group Liberty director Gracie Bradley has warned that the implementation of the legislation will result in Roma and Traveller communities facing “increased police enforcement through the criminalisation of trespass”.


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