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Ano avgo simpozium ikerdo ko nišani taro ekvaš siekleskoro nišankeribe taro Avgo romano kongreso, sine ikerdi prezentacia baši etnikano genocidi kerdo upreder e Roma ki vrama taro konflikti ano Kosovo 1998-9 berš-

Ko akava simpozium sine ikerdo o gndipe taro sa akanutne pogromia upreder e Roma panda ari vrama e Dujto lumiakoro maribe. Trujal o resaširibe (istražuvanje) kerdo taro Paul Polanski paše 130 000 Roma sine paldime telako zori taro šastre lengere kherendar, a paše 140 000 khera sine tharde, thaj čorde. Pobuter šelendar si mudarde a jekh bar numero lendar sinašavde.

Trujal o bešutne kola so sine but berša ano egzil ko vavera thema , palo lengiri vizita ani Priština vakerena so ko than taro lengere mukle khera avdive ani Priština thamarinenapes neve uče khera ko mahale kote so sine thanarde e Roma.

Ko akava simpozium sine vakerdo te anelpe decizia o 13 juni te anavkerelpe sar gnipa baši mudarde Roma ano Kosovo.
A ano 9 april ka kerelpe specijalnikano sesia sebepi o Kosovo.



Speaking from Pristina yesterday [25 March] at the start of the Jubilee Symposium marking half a century since the First World Roma Congress, Sani Rifati delivered a powerful presentation on what he termed the ethnocide carried out against Roma and associated peoples during the Kosovo conflict in 1998-9.

It was, he told the UK and Polish universities’ event, the biggest pogrom suffered by Roma since the Nazi-implemented holocaust of the Second World War. According to research carried out with Paul Polansky, an estimated 130,000 Roma were driven at gunpoint from their homes and some 14,000 houses looted and burned. Hundreds died, many are still listed as “disappeared”.

While in the Kosovo capital this week to pursue a claim over own home, Rifati noted that many new buildings have arisen on land taken by force in the quarters [malaha] of Romani communities.

Also participating in the symposium, Ahmed Ibrahimi has submitted a Resolution to the Jubilee World Roma Congress

[opening Roma Nation Day 8 April] that 13 June be commemorated annually in memory of Roma who died in Kosovo conflict.

A special Jubilee Congress session on Kosovo will take place

on 9 April.


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