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Ko avgo di akava kurko, i NASSA prezentiringja video kova so sikavale sar o proekti e NASSA-koro akhardo „Genie“ sukcesingja te ujrakerel mini helikopteri ki platenata Mars.

Vi so i atmosfera e planetakoro nane sar ki amari phuv o helikopteri ulavdilo tari puv nekobor sekundija.

Akava sikavela so i nbari buti thaj avgo drom sine telekomandimo asavko avrijal phuvjakoro objekti ko javera planete.

NASA released this extraordinary footage of its Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, ascending 10 feet into the air on Monday.

The video is just short of a minute, and was shot by the Mastcam-Z cameras onboard the
Perseverance rover, which stood at a safe distance of 211 feet from Ingenuity.

The footage captures Ingenuity spinning up its blades, ascending to its maximum altitude, hovering for about 30 seconds, a period in which it is visibly pushed around by some light Martian winds. The helicopter then safely returns to the ground, an area.

Wright Brothers Field, before spinning down its rotors.

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